Fighting The Flu…

If you have influenza, commonly referred to as “the flu,” you have a viral infection. Antibiotics can not kill viruses. Antibiotics only work against bacterial infections. Therefore, if you have “the flu” you do not need an antibiotic.

The flu is different than the common cold, as different types of viruses cause the flu. Although the symptoms you experience with both can be similar they are not exactly the same. A sudden onset of a high fever (38.3-39.4 °C) is a much more common flu symptom. The fever will usually last three to four days. Other symptoms of influenza include headaches, chills, exhaustion and body aches. The common cold rarely causes headache or extreme exhaustion. Furthermore, body aches that occur with the flu are much more severe than those experienced with colds. If you are not sure if you have a cold or “the flu” talk to your Value Drug Mart or Apple Drugs Pharmacist.

Most people who have influenza will recover within a week. However, influenza can lead to serious complications for people who are considered to be high-risk. People age 65 and older, newborns and patients with chronic conditions such as asthma and diabetes are all considered at high-risk.

Getting vaccinated against influenza is the best way to prevent it. Hand washing also helps to prevent the spread of viruses. To find out more about preventing and treating influenza talk to your Value Drug Mart or Apple Drugs Pharmacist.