Treating Seasonal Allergies

There are many causes of seasonal allergies, including: tree pollen, grass pollen, ragweed or mould. Depending on what you’re allergic to, you will experience symptoms at different periods of the spring and summer, but, in general, the allergy season has been starting earlier and lasting longer in recent years. The best way to treat your allergies will also vary depending on the allergen and the severity of your symptoms.

Here are a few tips for treating seasonal allergies:

• Keep windows and doors closed at home and in the car.
• Check pollen level reports for your area and conduct outdoor activities when the pollen counts are lower.
• Clean and vacuum frequently to help keep pollen levels low in your home.
• Keep humidity levels in your house between 30 to 50 percent to reduce the risk of mould.
• Over the counter medicine can help to control allergy symptoms. Ask your pharmacist for recommendations on what product is best for you.

If these steps are insufficient, don’t suffer in silence! Consult with your local Value Drug Mart or Apple Drugs pharmacist about other options for treating seasonal allergies.